About St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

We at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church are a Christ-centered worshiping community reaching out in love to draw others into the family of God. Founded in 1951, we have historically been a community church for worship, spiritual growth, Christian education, community service, outreach and witness to Jesus Christ.

We honor the beliefs and traditions of all Christian churches and denominations that make up the Church Universal. Our service is centered on God's purpose for our lives today and is traditional in format. Communion is served the first Sunday of each month.

We enjoy music and include both vocal and instrumental music in our worship services. We think Christian education is important and offer many learning opportunities for both children and adults. We strive to faithfully walk with Jesus Christ, joyfully committed to sharing the gifts of His love and compassion with the world.


Becoming a Member

If you are not yet a member of St. Paul Presbyterian Church, we invite you to join us in your journey of faith and service.

How do I join?

It’s very simple. You will meet as a small group with Pastor Paul and learn about our congregation, our beliefs and traditions, as well as our church leadership and programs. Then, as a group, you will be introduced to the members of the council and then to the congregation. New members are accepted through baptism, letter of transfer, or reaffirmation of faith.

If you are interested in joining St. Paul's Presbyterian Church or want to learn more about the Presbyterian faith, please call the church office at (734) 422-1470 or use our Contact Us form on this website to reserve your place.

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church