Prom Dress Sale

2nd Chance Annual Prom Dress Sale - 2017 * ONE DAY EVENT

New and Gently Used Prom Dresses - ONLY $20

Saturday March 25, 2017  9am - 1pm
**** Ticket hand out begins at 7am and based on a first come first serve basis
**** Doors open for indoor waiting at 8am
**** Girls will be allowed downstairs in groups of 20 based on the ticket # 
Also selling accessories, shoes, purses, etc all for under $5
If interested in volunteering for the sale please contact Callie Gross-Johnston - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2nd Annual Prom Dress Sale 2016 - Recap

I would like to thank all the volunteers for your help during the 2nd Life Prom Dress Sale!! This outreach could not have been as big of a success without all the love and hard work from everyone!!

We started with 827 dresses and had ONLY 258 dresses remaining – SOLD 569 dresses!

Although we sold a large amount of dresses, the real reason for this sale was to help our community and those girls who would not have been able to go to prom without our help.

Amazing Stories from the Sale

Throughout the sale in all the dressing room areas, we heard such an outpouring of support between each other. Girls commenting on how good another looked in a dress, offering a dress they had found, suggesting colors, taking pictures of each other...even though total strangers.

Then there were family stories. One young lady’s mother recently had an aneurysm in her head. She would not have been able to afford a dress if not for our sale. What was even more touching is that another woman overheard her story in the dressing room and reached out to Terry so she could buy the young lady’s dress because she was so moved.

One family drove all the way from Port Huron, a one-and-a-half hour drive, in hopes to find the perfect dream dress. They found that dress!

A gentleman brought his three daughters, wife, and another young woman to the sale. This family ended up walking out with six dresses and three bags of accessories.

Two women drove from Canada to purchase dresses for under privileged girls overseas. Unfortunately they arrived late and were not able to find anything but BEGGED us to please contact them if we do this again next year.

Another young lady and her mother came looking for the perfect dress, and although they could not find what they were looking for, they thought this was such a great outreach that they would like to volunteer next year if we have the sale again.

One young lady and her mother are sending more information, but in between all the tears and hugs this is what they told me. The mother and daughter were able to get out of an abusive household and into a shelter over the past few years. Although they were living in a shelter, the mother still had to pay the mortgage on her house which left them broke. The mother later fell and broke her hip, which put the family in more financial struggle. The daughter chose not to go to her prom due to finances and then heard about our sale so thought they would just come and see, still with little hope. She was able to find her dream dress and another for a formal at U of M where she has been accepted on full scholarship due to her hard work.

St. Paul’s and the 2nd Life Prom Dress Sale touched so many lives, and I am proud of our family. Thank you all for your help and support.

Love, Callie Gross

Prom Dress Sale
Prom Dress Sale
Prom Dress Sale
Prom Dress Sale