Funeral Services at St. Paul's

We believe that the bereaved should be upheld by the Christian community. The pastor, staff, and members of St. Paul's Presbyterian are here to extend concern and sympathy and assist in making arrangements. The Board of Deacons will be happy to provide a reception or luncheon for the family and friends of a church member, if desired. Receptions are held immediately following the worship service.

Please call the pastor when a loved one is critically ill or has died. Our pastor will want to support you by offering prayer and counsel. The pastor will also help you determine an appropriate time for a funeral or memorial service and assist you in its planning.

Memorial Garden

From earliest times, churches and churchyards have served as places of interment. In keeping with this tradition, St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church has established a memorial garden to inter cremains of loved ones and to provide a place of peace and beauty for all to enjoy. What better site for a final resting place than near a church that has held meaning during life? The Memorial Garden is more than a resting place for loved ones. It is a place to meditate, to remember and to give special thanks for lives that have been shared. It is frequented by families with children, brides and grooms on their wedding days, and church members enjoying the beauty of the seasons. It is an integral part of the Church grounds. St. Paul’s offers the Memorial Garden as a service to the congregation.

Members and former members of the congregation and their immediate relatives are eligible to have their ashes interred in the Memorial Garden. At a later time following a church burial or memorial service, ashes are placed directly in the earth under the plants; containers are not used. Names of those interred are placed on memorial bricks that are placed within the garden path.

Artist: Robert Perrish

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